A Midwinter Virtual Renga*

Winter on Vine St., Natalya Critchley, 2017.


Renée Szostek

Claudio Mendoza

Timothy Adès

Snow-covered branches

become bright, lacy patterns

against the gray sky.

Icy ferns trace my window

as temperatures go down

January cold

skiing in the Alps, or else

April, village slush

I stroll amidst the snow. An

early robin chirps of spring.

My boots are too wet

yet many miles to the pub.

Fly me to your nest

London winters are mild now

not like Michigan, I guess

Depressed by dreary

drifts of snow, I long for warmth,

of winter weary. 

Sunday roast, walk on the moor.

Cheer up, love, the Super Bowl 

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